Click here for the Lamontage® catalog.

- Includes installations, process information, and assorted patterns

Click here for Lamontage® Installations.

- Includes floor, ceiling, and wall covering, upholstery, pillows and artwork

Click here for The Sophy Hotel brochure.

- Includes a visual narrative of the custom design process: from creation to application

Click here for the Liora Manné Installation Book.

- Includes Hospitality, Commercial, Educational, and Residential Installations

Click here for the Lamontage Wall Covering catalog.

- Includes installations and popular patterns

Click here for the Cosmic Cabanas catalog.

- Includes information on Fine Art Meets Textiles: Cross-media Collaboration with acclaimed artist Anne Spalter

Click here for the Chromatic Dialogue catalog.

- Includes information on Chromatic Dialogue: From Canvas to Textile Collaboration with renowned poet, critic, and artist Wayne Koestenbaum

Click here for The Collection catalog.

- Includes the latest colors in Liora Manné signature patterns: Ripples, Ombré Fossette, and Zen Wave Ombré

Click here for the Kenya Collection catalog.

- Includes the latest innovative formulation that layers woven jute into the patented Lamontage needle-punching process