The high-tech, contemporary designs produced by the Lamontage® process will change the way you think about textiles.

The unique needle-punched patterns are made-to-order and the creative applications for this high-performance material range from rugs, wall & ceiling covering, fabric, pillows, decorative art & more.


  • Rugs
  • Wall Coverings and Ceiling Coverings
  • Fabric
  • Pillows
  • Decorative Art
  • Acoustical Solutions


  • Design
  • Scale
  • Color
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Metallic Accents


  • SmartSilver™ Nano Finish
  • UV-stabilized = All Lamontage products can be used
    indoors and outdoors. If outdoors, we recommend
    use in covered areas.
  • Bleach-cleanable with a 1:4 bleach-water solution
  • Rugs are non-woven = Smooth, mobile surface + easy trimming for wall & inset installations
  • All Lamontage® rugs are 65% recycled content or higher 
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